Zeilberger's Algorithm

An algorithm which finds a polynomial recurrence for terminating hypergeometric identities of the form

 sum_(k)(n; k)(product_(i=1)^(A)(a_in+a_i^'k+a_i^(''))!)/(product_(i=1)^(B)(b_in+b_i^'k+b_i^(''))!)z^k=C(product_(i=1)^(A^_)(a^__in+a^__i^')!)/(product_(i=1)^(B^_)(b^__in+b^__i^')!)x^n,

where (n; k) is a binomial coefficient, a_i, a_i^', a^__i, b_i, b_i^', b^__i are constant integers and a_i^(''), a^__i^', b_i^(''), b^__i^', C, x, and z are complex numbers (Zeilberger 1990). The method was called creative telescoping by van der Poorten (1979), and led to the development of the amazing machinery of Wilf-Zeilberger pairs.

The also exists a q-analog of the algorithm, called the q-Zeilberger algorithm.

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Binomial Series, Binomial Sums, Gosper's Algorithm, Hypergeometric Identity, q-Zeilberger Algorithm, Sister Celine's Method, Wilf-Zeilberger Pair

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Zeilberger's Algorithm

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