Sister Celine's Method

A method for finding recurrence relations for hypergeometric polynomials directly from the series expansions of the polynomials. The method is effective and easily implemented, but usually slower than Zeilberger's algorithm. Given a sum f(n)=sum_(k)F(n,k), the method operates by finding a recurrence of the form


by proceeding as follows (Petkovšek et al. 1996, p. 59):

1. Fix trial values of I and J.

2. Assume a recurrence formula of the above form where a_(ij)(n) are to be solved for.

3. Divide each term of the assumed recurrence by F(n,k) and reduce every ratio F(n-j,k-i)/F(n,k) by simplifying the ratios of its constituent factorials so that only rational functions in n and k remain.

4. Put the resulting expression over a common denominator, then collect the numerator as a polynomial in k.

5. Solve the system of linear equations that results after setting the coefficients of each power of k in the numerator to 0 for the unknown coefficients a_(ij).

6. If no solution results, start again with larger I or J.

Under suitable hypotheses, a "fundamental theorem" (Verbaten 1974, Wilf and Zeilberger 1992, Petkovšek et al. 1996) guarantees that this algorithm always succeeds for large enough I and J (which can be estimated in advance). The theorem also generalizes to multivariate sums and to q- and multi-q-sums (Wilf and Zeilberger 1992, Petkovšek et al. 1996).

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Sister Celine's Method

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