Weak Pseudo-Riemannian Metric

A weak pseudo-Riemannian metric on a smooth manifold M is a (0,2) tensor field g which is symmetric and for which, at each m in M,


for all w_m in T_mM implies that v_m=0. This latter condition is most commonly referred to as non-degeneracy though, in the presence of so-called strong non-degeneracy, is more accurately described as weak non-degeneracy.

Weak pseudo-Riemannian metrics which are also positive definite are called weak Riemannian metrics. This use of terminology is in stark contrast to the case of pseudo-Riemannian (and hence, semi-Riemannian) metrics which fundamentally cannot be Riemannian due to the existence of negative-squared terms in their metric signatures. In most literature, weak Riemannian metrics are simply called Riemannian.

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