Vertex Enumeration

A convex polyhedron is defined as the set of solutions to a system of linear inequalities


(i.e., a matrix inequality), where m is a real s×d matrix and b is a real s-vector. Given m and b, vertex enumeration is the determination of the polyhedron's polyhedron vertices.

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Computational Geometry, Convex Hull, Convex Polyhedron, Matrix Inequality, Polyhedron

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Avis, D. and Fukuda, K. "A Pivoting Algorithm for Convex Hulls and Vertex Enumeration of Arrangements and Polyhedra." In ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry. Papers from the Seventh Annual Symposium held in North Conway, New Hampshire, June 10-12, 1991 (Ed. H. Edelsbrunner). Disc. Comput. Geom. 8, 295-313, 1992. Fukada, K. and Mizukosh, I. "Vertex Enumeration Package for Convex Polytopes and Arrangements."

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Vertex Enumeration

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