Symmedial Triangle


The symmedial triangle DeltaK_AK_BK_C (a term coined here for the first time), is the triangle whose vertices are the intersection points of the symmedians with the reference triangle DeltaABC. It has the very simple trilinear vertex matrix

 [0 b c; a 0 c; a b 0].

It is by definition perspective with the reference triangle, with perspector given by the symmedian point K. It is the cyclocevian triangle with respect to Kimberling center X_(1031).

The symmedial triangle is the polar triangle of the Brocard inellipse.

It has area


where Delta is the area of the reference triangle (apparently given incorrectly by Casey 1988, p. 172). This is the same area as the first and second Brocard Cevian triangles.

It has side lengths


The symmedial circle is the circumcircle of the symmedial triangle.

See also

Brocard Inellipse, Symmedial Circle, Symmedian, Symmedian Point

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Symmedial Triangle

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