Strange Attractor

An attracting set that has zero measure in the embedding phase space and has fractal dimension. Trajectories within a strange attractor appear to skip around randomly.


A selection of strange attractors for a general quadratic map


are illustrated above, where the letters A to Y stand for coefficients of the quadratic from -1.2 to 1.2 in steps of 0.1 (Sprott 1993c). These represent a small selection of the approximately 1.6% of all possible 25^(12) approx 6×10^(16) such maps that are chaotic (Sprott 1993bc).

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Basin of Attraction, Correlation Exponent, Fractal, Gingerbreadman Map, Hénon-Heiles Equation, Hénon Map, Lorenz Attractor, Lozi Map, Phase Space, Rössler Attractor, Standard Map, Wada Basin

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Strange Attractor

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