Sinhc Function


By analogy with the sinc function, define the sinhc function by

 sinhc(z)={(sinhz)/z   for z!=0; 1   for z=0.

Since sinhx/x is not a cardinal function, the "analogy" with the sinc function is one of functional structure, not mathematical properties. It is quite possible that a better term than sinhc(x) could be coined, although there appears to be no other name previously assigned to this function.

The function has derivative


and indefinite integral


where Shi(z) is the Shi function.


The function has real fixed points at 1.31328371835... (OEIS A133916) and 2.63924951389... (OEIS A133917).

See also

Shi, Sinc Function, Tanc Function

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Sinhc Function

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