Schoch Line


In the arbelos, consider the semicircles K_1 and K_2 with centers A and C passing through B. The Apollonius circle K_3 of K_1, K_2 and the large semicircle of the arbelos is an Archimedean circle A_1. This circle has radius


(as it must), and center


The line perpendicular to AB and passing through the center of A_1 is called the Schoch line.

Now let K_a and K_c be two semicircles through C with radii proportional to AC and BC respectively. The circle tangent to K_a and K_c with its center on the Schoch line is an Archimedean circle. These circles are called Woo circles.

Let l_1 be the radical axis of the great semicircle of the arbelos and K_1. From a point on l_1 consider the tangents to the circle on diameter BC. The circle with center on the Schoch line and tangent to these tangents is a Woo circle (Okumura and Watanabe 2004).

An applet for investigating Woo circles and Schoch lines has been prepared by Schoch (2005).

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Schoch Line

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