Rule 250


Rule 250 is one of the elementary cellular automaton rules introduced by Stephen Wolfram in 1983 (Wolfram 1983, 2002). It specifies the next color in a cell, depending on its color and its immediate neighbors. Its rule outcomes are encoded in the binary representation 250=11111010_2. This rule is illustrated above together with the evolution of a single black cell it produces after 15 steps (OEIS A071028; Wolfram 2002, p. 55).

For initial conditions of a single black cell, this rule produces identical evolution to rules 50, 58, 114, 122, 178, 186, and 242, which are precisely those with binary representation xx11x010_2.

Rule 250 is a generalized additive elementary cellular automata under the operation OR(c_(-1),c_1) (Wolfram 2002, p. 952), where c_(-1) is the value of the neighboring cell to the left and c_1 is the value of the neighboring cell to the right.

See also

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