Quadratic Form

A quadratic form involving n real variables x_1, x_2, ..., x_n associated with the n×n matrix A=a_(ij) is given by


where Einstein summation has been used. Letting x be a vector made up of x_1, ..., x_n and x^(T) the transpose, then


equivalent to


in inner product notation. A binary quadratic form is a quadratic form in two variables and has the form


It is always possible to express an arbitrary quadratic form


in the form


where A=a_(ii) is a symmetric matrix given by

 a_(ij)={alpha_(ii)   i=j; 1/2(alpha_(ij)+alpha_(ji))   i!=j.

Any real quadratic form in n variables may be reduced to the diagonal form


with lambda_1>=lambda_2>=...>=lambda_n by a suitable orthogonal point-transformation. Also, two real quadratic forms are equivalent under the group of linear transformations iff they have the same quadratic form rank and quadratic form signature.

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Quadratic Form

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