Pyramidal Frustum


A pyramidal frustum is a frustum made by chopping the top off a pyramid. It is a special case of a prismatoid.

For a right pyramidal frustum, let s be the slant height, h the height, p_1 the bottom base perimeter, p_2 the top base perimeter, A_1 the bottom area, and A_2 the top area. Then the surface area (of the sides) and volume of a pyramidal frustum are given by


The geometric centroid of a right pyramidal frustum occurs at a height


above the bottom base (Harris and Stocker 1998).

The bases of a right n-gonal frustum are regular polygons of side lengths a and b with circumradii


where c is the side length, so the diagonal connecting corresponding vertices on top and bottom has length


and the edge length is


The triangular (n=3) and square (n=4) right pyramidal frustums therefore have side surface areas


The area of a regular n-gon is


so the volumes of these frustums are


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Pyramidal Frustum

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