Permutation Tensor

The permutation tensor, also called the Levi-Civita tensor or isotropic tensor of rank 3 (Goldstein 1980, p. 172), is a pseudotensor which is antisymmetric under the interchange of any two slots. Recalling the definition of the permutation symbol in terms of a scalar triple product of the Cartesian unit vectors,


the pseudotensor is a generalization to an arbitrary basis defined by



 [alpha,beta,...,mu]={1   the arguments are an even permutation; -1   the arguments are an odd permutation; 0   two or more arguments are equal,

and g=det(g_(alphabeta)), where g_(alphabeta) is the metric tensor. epsilon(x_1,...,x_n) is nonzero iff the vectors are linearly independent.

When viewed as a tensor, the permutation symbol is sometimes known as the Levi-Civita tensor. The permutation tensor epsilon^(alphabetadeltagamma) of rank four is important in general relativity, and has components defined as

 (epsilon)^(alphabetagammadelta)={+1   if alphabetagammadelta is an even permutation of 0123; -1   if alphabetagammadelta is an odd permutation of 0123; 0   otherwise

(Weinberg 1972, p. 38). The rank four permutation tensor satisfies the identity


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Permutation Tensor

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