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A Lucas cube graph of order n is a graph that can be defined based on the n-Fibonacci cube graph by forbidding vertex strings that have a 1 both in the first and last positions. Explicitly, it is a graph on the subset of (0,1) n-tuples that are cyclically free of adjacent 1's (i.e., consecutive 1's cannot occur in the middle of the string and 1's cannot be present in both first and last positions of the string), with vertices connected by edges iff they differ in exactly one position.

Munarini et al. (2001) determined many structural and enumerative properties of the Lucas cubes.

The nth Lucas cube graph is denoted L_n (Munarini et al. 2001) or Lambda_n (Ilić al 2012, Ilić and Milošević 2017).

Special cases are summarized in the following table.

L_n has vertex count equal to the Lucas number L_n.

The Lucas cube graphs are median graphs (Klavžar 2005, Došlić and Podrug 2023). The are also unit-distance.

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