Long Division


Long division is an algorithm for dividing two numbers, obtaining the quotient one digit at a time. The example above shows how the division of 123456/17 is performed to obtain the result 7262.11....


The term "long division" is also used to refer to the method of dividing one polynomial by another, as illustrated above. This example illustrates the result


The symbol separating the dividend from the divisor seems to have no established name, so can be simply referred to as the long division symbol (or sometimes the division bracket).

The chorus of the song "Singular Girl" by Rhett Miller (The Believer, 2006) contains the slightly cryptic line "Talking to you girl is like long division, yeah." Coincidentally, Long Division (1995) is also the name of the second album by the band Low.

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Dividend, Division, Divisor, Long Division Symbol, Long Multiplication, Polynomial Quotient, Polynomial Remainder, Synthetic Division

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Long Division

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