Interval Graph

A graph G=(V,E) is an interval graph if it captures the intersection relation for some set of intervals on the real line. Formally, P is an interval graph provided that one can assign to each v in V an interval I_v such that I_u intersection I_v is nonempty precisely when uv in E. An interval graph on a list l can be generated using IntervalGraph[l] in the Wolfram Language package Combinatorica` .

Star graphs are interval graphs, but cycle graphs (for n>=4) are not (Skiena 1990, p. 164). Determining if a graph is an interval graph and realizing it can be done in O(n) time (Booth and Lueker 1976; Skiena 1990, p. 164).

A graph G is an interval graph iff the vertices of G can be ordered v_1, ..., v_n such that v_i adj v_k implies v_j adj k whenever i<j<k (West 2000, p. 346).

Every induced subgraph of an interval graph is itself an interval graph (Jacobson et al. 1991; West 2000, p. 226).

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Interval Graph

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