Internally Extendable Homomorphism

Let X be an infinite set of urelements, and let V(^*X) be an enlargement of the superstructure V(X). Let A,B in V(X) be finitary algebras with finitely many operations, and let A^^ and B^^ be their extension monads in V(^*X). Let h:A^^->B^^ be a homomorphism. Then h is internally extendable provided that there is an internal subalgebra A_1 of ^*A which contains A^^ and there is a homomorphism gamma:A_1->^*B such that if a in A^^, then gamma(a)=h(a).

For a homomorphism h:A^^->B^^, the following are equivalent:

1. h is internally extendable and h[A] is a subalgebra of B,

2. For some homomorphism g:A->B, h=g^^ is the restriction to A^^ of ^*g.

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Internally Extendable Homomorphism

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