Extension Monad

Let X be a set of urelements, and let V(^*X) be an enlargement of the superstructure V(X). Let A in V(X) be a finitary algebra with finitely many fundamental operations. Then the extension monad (in V(^*X)) of A is the (generally external) subalgebra of ^*A that is given by

 A^^= intersection {B<=^*A:B is an internal extension of A}.

It can be shown that for any such algebra A, we have

 A^^= intersection {B<=^*A:B is an internal hyperfinitely 
 generated extension of A}  
= union {H<=^*A:H is internally generated by 
 a finite subset of A}

and several other interesting characterizations hold for extension monads.

Here are some results involving extension monads:

1. An algebra A is locally finite if and only if A^^=A.

2. For any algebra, the following are equivalent: A is finitely generated, A^^=^*A, and A^^ is internal.

3. Let A and B be algebras, with phi a function from A to B. Then phi is a homomorphism if and only if the restriction phi^^ of ^*phi to A^^ is a homomorphism.

4. For algebras A_1, ...A_n, we have


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Superstructure, Urelement

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Extension Monad

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