In geometry, the term "enlargement" is a synonym for expansion.

In nonstandard analysis, let X be a set of urelements, and let V(X) be the superstructure with individuals in X:

1. V_0(X)=X,

2. V_(n+1)(X)=V_n(X) union P(V_n(X)),

3. V(X)= union _(n in N)V_n(X).

Let ^*:V(X)->V(^*X) be a superstructure monomorphism, with X subset= ^*X and ^*x=x for x in X. Then V(^*X) is an enlargement of V(X) provided that for each set A in V(X), there is a hyperfinite set B in V(^*X) that contains all the standard entities of ^*A.

It is the case that V(^*X) is an enlargement of V(X) if and only if every concurrent binary relation r in V(X) satisfies the following: There is an element y of the range of ^*r such that for every x in the domain of r, the pair (^*x,y) is in the relation ^*r.

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