Inner Soddy Circle


The inner Soddy circle is the circle tangent to each of the three mutually tangent circles centered at the vertices of a reference triangle. It has circle function


where f(a,b,c) and g(a,b,c) are 8th-order and 16th-order polynomials, respectively.

The radius of the inner Soddy circle is


where Delta is the area of the reference triangle, r is its inradius, s is the semiperimeter, and S=2Delta is Conway triangle notation (P. Moses, pers. comm., Feb. 25, 2005; Dergiades 2007).

Its center, known as inner Soddy center, is the equal detour point X_(176) (Kimberling 1994), which has identical triangle center functions


where R is the circumradius of the reference triangle and r_A is the A-exradius.

It has circle function


(P. Moses, pers. comm., Feb. 25, 2005), where r_A, r_B, and r_C are the exradii.

No notable triangle centers lie on the inner Soddy circle.

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Inner Soddy Circle

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