Generalized Cylinder


A ruled surface is called a generalized cylinder if it can be parameterized by x(u,v)=vp+y(u), where p is a fixed point. A generalized cylinder is a regular surface wherever y^'×p!=0. The above surface is a generalized cylinder over a cardioid. A generalized cylinder is a developable surface and is sometimes called a "cylindrical surface" (Kern and Bland 1948, p. 32) or "cylinder surface" (Harris and Stocker 1998, p. 102).

A generalized cylinder need not be closed (Kern and Bland 1948, p. 32).

Kern and Bland (1948, p. 32) define a cylinder as a solid bounded by a generalized cylinder and two parallel planes. However, when used without qualification, the term "cylinder" generally refers to the particular case of a right circular cylinder.

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Generalized Cylinder

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