Developable Surface

A developable surface, also called a flat surface (Gray et al. 2006, p. 437), is a ruled surface having Gaussian curvature K=0 everywhere. Developable surfaces therefore include the cone, cylinder, elliptic cone, hyperbolic cylinder, and plane. Other examples include the tangent developable, generalized cone, and generalized cylinder.

A regular surface is developable iff its Gaussian curvature vanishes identically (Gray et al. 2006, p. 398).

A developable surface has the property that it can be made out of sheet metal, since such a surface must be obtainable by transformation from a plane (which has Gaussian curvature 0) and every point on such a surface lies on at least one straight line.

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Binormal Developable, Gaussian Curvature, Normal Developable, Ruled Surface, Synclastic, Tangent Developable

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Developable Surface

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