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The folded n-cube graph, perhaps better termed "folded hypercube graph," is a graph obtained by merging vertices of the n-hypercube graph Q_n that are antipodal, i.e., lie at a distance n (the graph diameter of Q_n). Brouwer et al. 1989 (p. 222) use the notation  square _k for the folded k-cube graph.

For n>2, the folded n-cube graph is regular of degree n. It has 2^(n-1) vertices, 2^(n-2)n edges, and diameter |_n/2_|. The chromatic number is 2 for n even and 4 for n odd (Godsil 2004). Godsil observes that the independence number of the folded n-cube graph F_n is given by

 alpha(F_n)=2^(n-2)-1/4(1-(-1)^n)(n-1; (n-1)/2),

a result which follows from Cvetkovic's eigenvalue bound to establish an upper bound and a direct construction of the independent set by looking at vertices at an odd (resp., even) distance from a fixed vertex when n is odd (resp., even) (S. Wagon, pers. comm.).

Folded cube graphs are distance-regular and distance-transitive.

The following table summarizes special cases.

The bipartite double graph of the folded n-cube graph is the hypercube graph Q_n.

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Folded Cube Graph

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