Euler's Sum of Powers Conjecture

Euler conjectured that at least n nth powers are required for n>2 to provide a sum that is itself an nth power. The conjecture was disproved by Lander and Parkin (1967) with the counterexample


Ekl (1998) defined an extended Euler conjecture that there are no solutions to the k.m.n Diophantine equation


with a_i and b_i not necessarily distinct, such that m+n<k. Defining


over all known solutions to k.m.n equations, this conjecture asserts that Delta_k>=0. There are no known counterexamples to this conjecture (Ekl 1998). The following table gives the smallest known values of Delta_k for small k.

kmin. Delta_k soln.Delta_kreference
44.1.30Elkies (1988)
55.1.40Lander et al. (1967)
66.3.30Subba Rao (1934)
77.4.41Ekl (1996)
88.3.50S. Chase (Meyrignac)
88.4.40N. Kuosa (Nov. 9, 2006; Meyrignac)
99.5.51Ekl 1997 (Meyrignac)
1010.6.62N. Kuosa (2002; Meyrignac)

S. Chase found a 8.3.5 (Delta_8=0) solution that displaced the 8.5.5 (Delta_8=2) solution of Letac (1942). In 2006, N. Kuosa found an 8.4.4 solution with Delta_8=0. Ekl (1996, 1998) found 9.4.6 and 9.5.5 solutions (both with Delta_9=1), displacing the 9.6.6 (Delta_9=3) solution of Lander et al. (1967). Three 10.6.6 solutions were found by N. Kuosa (with Delta_(10)=2), displacing the 10.7.7 (Delta_(10)=4) solution of Moessner (1939).

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Euler's Sum of Powers Conjecture

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