Erdős-Turán Conjecture

Erdős offered a $3000 prize for a proof of the proposition that "If the sum of reciprocals of a set of integers diverges, then that set contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions." This conjecture is still open (unsolved), even for 3-term arithmetic progressions. Erdős also offered $10000 for an asymptotic formula for rho_3(n), the largest possible cardinality of a subset of {1,2,...,n} that does not contain a 3-term arithmetic progression.

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Erdős, P. and Turán, P. "On Some Sequences of Integers." J. London Math. Soc. 11, 261-264, 1936.Green, B. and Tao, T. "The Primes Contain Arbitrarily Long Arithmetic Progressions." Preprint. 8 Apr 2004.

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