Complex Matrix

A matrix whose elements may contain complex numbers.

The matrix product of two 2×2 complex matrices is given by

 [x_(11)+y_(11)i x_(12)+y_(12)i; x_(21)+y_(21)i x_(22)+y_(22)i][u_(11)+v_(11)i u_(12)+v_(12)i; u_(21)+v_(21)i u_(22)+v_(22)i]=[R_(11) R_(12); R_(21) R_(22)]+i[I_(11) I_(12); I_(21) I_(22)],



Hadamard (1893) proved that the determinant of any complex n×n matrix A with entries in the closed unit disk |a_(ij)|<=1 satisfies


(Hadamard's maximum determinant problem), with equality attained by the Vandermonde matrix of the n roots of unity (Faddeev and Sominskii 1965, p. 331; Brenner 1972). The first few values for n=1, 2, ... are 1, 2, 3sqrt(3), 16, 25sqrt(5), 216, ....


Studying the maximum possible eigenvalue norms for random complex n×n matrices is computationally intractable. Although average properties of the distribution of |lambda| can be determined, finding the maximum value corresponds to determining if the set of matrices contains a singular matrix, which has been proven to be an NP-complete problem (Poljak and Rohn 1993, Kaltofen 2000). The above plots show the distributions for 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 matrix eigenvalue norms for elements uniformly distributed inside the unit disk |z|<=1. Similar plots are obtained for elements uniformly distributed inside |R[z]|,|I[z]|<=1. The exact distribution of eigenvalues for complex matrices with both real and imaginary parts distributed as independent standard normal variates is given by Ginibre (1965), Hwang (1986), and Mehta (1991).

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Complex Matrix

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