Cole Prize

The American Mathematical Society awards two prizes named in honor of Prof. Frank Nelson Cole, a senior member of the AMS who made a bequest to the society in 1928 upon his retirement. This bequest was subsequently augmented by Frank's son Charles. Two separate Cole Prizes are awarded at regular intervals for outstanding contributions in algebra and number theory.

Among prominent mathematicians to have received the award were Walter Feit and John G. Thompson (1965, in recognition for the Feit-Thompson theorem in group theory), Michel Raynaud and David Harbater (1995, for their solution of Abhyankar's conjecture), and Andrew J. Wiles (1997, for his proof of Fermat's last theorem).

The following table lists winners of the Frank Nelson Cole Prize in algebra.

1928L. E. Dickson
1939A. Adrian Albert
1944O. Zariski
1949R. Brauer
1960S. Lang, M. A. Rosenlicht
1965W. Feit, J. G. Thompson
1970J. R. Stallings, R. G. Swan
1975H. Bass, D. G. Quillen
1980M. Aschbacher, M. Hochster
1985G. Lusztig
1990S. Mori
1995M. Raynaud, D. Harbater
2000A. Suslin, A. J. de Jong
2003H. Nakajima
2006J. Kollár
2009C. Hacon and J. McKernan

The following table lists winners of the Frank Nelson Cole Prize in number theory.

1931H. S. Vandiver
1941C. Chevalley
1946H. B. Mann
1951P. Erdős
1956J. T. Tate
1962K. Iwasawa, B. M. Dwork
1967J. B. Ax, S. B. Kochen
1972W. M. Schmidt
1977G. Shimura
1982R. P. Langlands, B. Mazur
1987D. M. Goldfeld, B. H. Gross, D. B. Zagier
1992K. Rubin, P. Vojta
1997A. J. Wiles
2002H. Iwaniec, R. Taylor
2005P. Sarnak,
2008M. Bhargava

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Cole Prize

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