Clausen's Integral


Clausen's integral, sometimes called the log sine integral (Borwein and Bailey 2003, p. 88) is the n=2 case of the S_2 Clausen function


where Li_2(x) is a dilogarithm.

Clausen's integral has the special value


where K is Catalan's constant (Borwein and Bailey 2003, p. 89). Other identities include


where alpha=tan^(-1)(sqrt(3)/9),


where beta=tan^(-1)(1/3), and


where L_n(s) is a Dirichlet L-series and gamma=2tan^(-1)(sqrt(7)) (Borwein and Bailey 2003, pp. 89-90).

BBP-type formulas include


(Bailey 2000, Borwein and Bailey 2003, pp. 128-129).

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Clausen Function, Lobachevsky's Function

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Clausen's Integral

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