Cauchy Integral Formula


Cauchy's integral formula states that


where the integral is a contour integral along the contour gamma enclosing the point z_0.

It can be derived by considering the contour integral


defining a path gamma_r as an infinitesimal counterclockwise circle around the point z_0, and defining the path gamma_0 as an arbitrary loop with a cut line (on which the forward and reverse contributions cancel each other out) so as to go around z_0. The total path is then




From the Cauchy integral theorem, the contour integral along any path not enclosing a pole is 0. Therefore, the first term in the above equation is 0 since gamma_0 does not enclose the pole, and we are left with


Now, let z=z_0+re^(itheta), so dz=ire^(itheta)dtheta. Then


But we are free to allow the radius r to shrink to 0, so


giving (1).

If multiple loops are made around the point z_0, then equation (11) becomes


where n(gamma,z_0) is the contour winding number.

A similar formula holds for the derivatives of f(z),


Iterating again,


Continuing the process and adding the contour winding number n,


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Cauchy Integral Formula

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