Two lines PQ and RS are said to be antiparallel with respect to the sides of an angle A if they make the same angle in the opposite senses with the bisector of that angle. If PQ and RS are antiparallel with respect to PR and QS, then the latter are also antiparallel with respect to the former. Furthermore, if PQ and RS are antiparallel, then the points P, Q, R, and S are concyclic (Johnson 1929, p. 172; Honsberger 1995, pp. 87-88).

There are a number of fundamental relationships involving a triangle and antiparallel lines (Johnson 1929, pp. 172-173).

1. The line joining the feet to two altitudes of a triangle is antiparallel to the third side.

2. The tangent to a triangle's circumcircle at a vertex is antiparallel to the opposite side.

3. The radius of the circumcircle at a vertex is perpendicular to all lines antiparallel to the opposite sides.


In a triangle DeltaABC, a symmedian BK bisects all segments antiparallel to a given side AC (Honsberger 1995, p. 88). Furthermore, every antiparallel to BC in DeltaABC is parallel to the tangent to the circumcircle of DeltaABC at A (Honsberger 1995, p. 98).

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