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The n-Andrásfai graph is a circulant graph on 3n-1 nodes whose indices are given by the integers 1, ..., 3n-1 that are congruent to 1 (mod 3). The Andrásfai graphs have graph diameter 2 for n>1, and the n-Andrásfai graph has 6(3n-1) 3-colorings, all of which are equivalent under its automorphism group (Godsil and Royle 2001, p. 119).

The following table summarizes the first few Andrásfai graphs.

nnamecirculant notation
12-path graphCi_2(1)
25-cycle graphCi_5(1)
34-Möbius ladderCi_8(1,4)
44-Andrásfai graphCi_(11)(1,4)
55-Andrásfai graphCi_(14)(1,4,7)
66-Andrásfai graphCi_(17)(1,4,7)

The n-Andrásfai graph has independence polynomial


with corresponding recurrence equation given by


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Andrásfai Graph

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