van der Waerden's Theorem

van der Waerden's theorem is a theorem about the existence of arithmetic progressions in sets. The theorem can be stated in four equivalent forms.

1. If N=C_1 union C_2 union ... union C_r, then some C_i contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions (Baudet's conjecture).

2. For all positive integers k and r, there exists a constant n(k,r) such that if n_0>=n(k,r) and {1,2,...,n_0} subset C_1 union C_2 union ... union C_r, then some set C_i contains an arithmetic progression of length k.

3. If {a_0,a_1,...} is an infinite sequence of integers satisfying 0<a_(k+1)-a_k<r for some r, then the sequence contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions.

4. For all positive integers k and r, there is a constant g(k,r) such that if g_0>=g(k,r) and a_1, a_2, ..., a_(g_0) satisfies 0<a_(i+1)-a_i<=r, then k of the numbers a_1, a_2, ..., a_(g_0) are in arithmetic progression.

The constants n(k,r) are called van der Waerden numbers, and no formula for n(k,r) is known. van der Waerden's theorem is a corollary of Szemerédi's theorem.

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van der Waerden's Theorem

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