van Aubel's Theorem


Given an arbitrary planar quadrilateral, place a square outwardly on each side, and connect the centers of opposite squares. Then van Aubel's theorem states that the two lines are of equal length and cross at a right angle.

van Aubel's theorem is related to Napoleon's theorem and is a special case of the Petr-Neumann-Douglas theorem. It is sometimes (incorrectly) known simply as Aubel's theorem (Casey 1888; Wells 1991, p. 11; Kimberling 2003, p. 23).

A second theorem sometimes known as van Aubel's theorem states that if DeltaA^'B^'C^' is the Cevian triangle of a point P, then


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Kiepert Hyperbola, Napoleon's Theorem, Petr-Neumann-Douglas Theorem, Quadrilateral, Right Angle, Square

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van Aubel's Theorem

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