q-Gamma Function

A q-analog of the gamma function defined by


where (x,q)_infty is a q-Pochhammer symbol (Koepf 1998, p. 26; Koekoek and Swarttouw 1998). The q-gamma function satisfies


where Gamma(z) is the gamma function (Andrews 1986).

The q-gamma function is implemented in the Wolfram Language as QGamma[z, q].

The q-gamma function satisfies the functional equation


with Gamma_q(1)=1 (Koekoek and Swarttouw 1998, p. 10), which simplifies to


as q->1^-. A curious identity for the functional equation




is given by

 f(alpha)={sin(kalpha)   for q=1; 1/(Gamma_q(alpha)Gamma_q(1-alpha))   for 0<q<1,

for any k.

See also

Gamma Function, q-Beta Function, q-Factorial, q-Pochhammer Symbol

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q-Gamma Function

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