Vandermonde Determinant

Delta(x_1,...,x_n)=|1 x_1 x_1^2 ... x_1^(n-1); 1 x_2 x_2^2 ... x_2^(n-1); | | | ... |; 1 x_n x_n^2 ... x_n^(n-1)|
=product_(i,j; i>j)(x_i-x_j)

(Sharpe 1987). For integers a_1, ..., a_n, Delta(a_1,...,a_n) is divisible by product_(i=1)^(n)(i-1)! (Chapman 1996), the first few values of which are the superfactorials 1, 1, 2, 12, 288, 34560, 24883200, 125411328000, ... (OEIS A000178).

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Superfactorial, Vandermonde Matrix

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Vandermonde Determinant

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