Tychonoff Plank

A Tychonoff plank is a topological space that is an example of a normal space which has a non-normal subset, thus showing that normality is not a hereditary property. Let Omega be the set of all ordinals which are less than or equal to omega, and Omega_1 the set of all ordinals which are less than or equal to omega_1. Consider the set Omega×Omega_1 with the product topology induced by the order topologies of Omega and Omega_1. Then Omega×Omega_1 is normal, but the subset S=Omega×Omega_1\{(omega,omega_1)} is not. It can be shown that the set A of all elements of S whose first coordinate is equal to omega and the set B of all elements of S whose second coordinate is equal to omega_1 are disjoint closed subsets S, but there are no disjoint open subsets U and V of S such that A subset= U and B subset= V.

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Hereditary Property, Normal Space, Topological Space

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Tychonoff Plank

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