Suetake Graph

The Suetake graph is a weakly regular Hamiltonian graph on 231 vertices with parameters (nu,k,lambda,mu)=(72,(12),(0),(0,4)). It is distance-regular with intersection array {12,11,8,1;1,4,11,12}, but is not distance-transitive.

It has graph spectrum (-12)^1(-2sqrt(2))^(24)0^(22)(2sqrt(3))^2412^1 and graph automorphism group order Aut(G)=1728.

It is a Hamiltonian graph.

The Suetake graph is implemented in the Wolfram Language as GraphData["SuetakeGraph"].

See also

Distance-Regular Graph, Distance-Transitive Graph, Weakly Regular Graph

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References "Suetake Graph = Incidence Graph of STD_4[12;3].", C. "The Classification of Symmetric Transversal Designs STD_4[12;3]'s." Designs, Codes and Cryptography 37, 293-304, 2005.

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