Stoneham Number

A Stoneham number is a number alpha_(b,c) of the form


where b,c>1 are relatively prime positive integers. Stoneham (1973) proved that alpha_(b,c) is b-normal whenever c is an odd prime and p is a primitive root of c^2. This result was extended by Bailey and Crandall (2003), who showed that alpha_(b,c) is normal for all positive integers b and c provided only that b and c are relatively prime.

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Bailey, D. H. and Crandall, R. E. "Random Generators and Normal Numbers." Exper. Math. 11, 527-546, 2002.Stoneham, R. "On Absolute (j,epsilon)-Normality in the Rational Fractions with Applications to Normal Numbers." Acta Arith. 22, 277-286, 1973.

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Stoneham Number

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