Schnirelmann Constant

The constant s_0 in Schnirelmann's theorem such that every integer >1 is a sum of at most s_0 primes. Of course, by Vinogradov's theorem, it is known that 4 primes suffice for all sufficiently large numbers, but this constant gives a sufficient number for all numbers. The best current estimate is s_0=7 (Ramaré 1995), and a summary of progress on upper bounds for s_0 is summarized in the following table.

7Ramaré (1995)
19Riesel and Vaughan (1983)
26Deshouillers (1977)
27Vaughan (1977)
55Klimov (1975)
115Klimov et al. (1972)
159Deshouillers (1973)

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Schnirelmann's Theorem, Waring's Problem

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Schnirelmann Constant

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