Racah W-Coefficient

The Racah W-coefficients, sometimes simply called the Racah coefficients (Shore and Menzel 1968, p. 279), are quantities introduced by Racah (1942) that are related to the Clebsch-Gordan coefficients by




The Racah W-coefficients are related to the Wigner 6j-symbols by

 (-1)^(a+b+c+d)W(abcd;ef)={a b c; d e f}

(Messiah 1962, p. 1062; Shore and Menzel 1968, p. 279).

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Clebsch-Gordan Coefficient, Racah V-Coefficient, Wigner 3j-Symbol, Wigner 6j-Symbol, Wigner 9j-Symbol

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Racah W-Coefficient

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