Quantifier Elimination

Quantifier elimination is the removal of all quantifiers (the universal quantifier  forall and existential quantifier  exists ) from a quantified system. A first-order theory allows quantifier elimination if, for each quantified formula, there exists an equivalent quantifier-free formula. Examples of such theories include the real numbers with +, *, =, and >, and the theory of complex numbers with +, *, and =. Quantifier elimination is implemented in as Resolve[expr].

Unfortunately, the worst-case time-complexity for real quantifier elimination is doubly exponential in the number of quantifier blocks (Weispfenning 1988, Davenport and Heintz 1988, Heintz et al. 1989, Caviness and Johnson 1998).

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Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition, Existential Quantifier, Quantifier, Tarski's Theorem, Universal Quantifier

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Quantifier Elimination

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