Productive Property

A property that is always fulfilled by the product of topological spaces, if it is fulfilled by each single factor. Examples of productive properties are connectedness, and path-connectedness, axioms T_0, T_1, T_2 and T_3, regularity and complete regularity, the property of being a Tychonoff space, but not axiom T_4 and normality, which does not even pass, in general, from a space X to X×X. Metrizability is not productive, but is preserved by products of at most aleph_0 spaces. Separability is not productive, but is preserved by products of at most aleph_1 spaces.

Compactness is productive by the Tychonoff theorem.

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Hereditary Property, Divisible Property, Product Metric, Product Topology, Tychonoff Theorem

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Productive Property

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