Primefree Sequence

A primefree sequence is sequence whose terms are never prime. Graham (1964) proved that there exist relatively prime positive integers a and b such that the recurrence equation


with a_0=a and a_1=b contains no prime numbers.

In addition, Graham (1964) constructed a pair of numbers (one 33 digits and the other 34)


satisfying this condition. Knuth (1990) subsequently found a 17-digit pair


satisfying the same conditions. Almost immediately, Wilf (1990) found a smaller pair (one 17 digits and the other 16)


Note that Hoffman (1998, p. 159) inadvertently inverted the order of the Wilf (1990) pair, thus obtaining a sequence that has prime terms for n=138, 163, 190, 523, 1855, 3228, 3579, 6468, 7170, 10230, 12783, 17259, 60139, 91315, 97923, 101823, 156075, 182220, ... (OEIS A108156), with no others for n<=194202 (E. W. Weisstein, May 5, 2006).

Nicol (1999) subsequently found the 12-digit pair (a,b)=(407389224418,76343678551).

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Primefree Sequence

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