Positive Eigenvalued Matrix

The numbers of positive definite n×n matrices of given types are summarized in the following table. For example, the three positive eigenvalues 2×2 (0,1)-matrices are

 [1 0; 0 1],[1 0; 1 1],[1 1; 0 1],

all of which have eigenvalue 1 with degeneracy of two.

matrix typeOEIScounts
(0,1)-matrixA0030241, 3, 25, 543, 29281, ...
(-1,0,1)-matrixA0855061, 5, 133, 18905, ...

Weisstein's conjecture proposed that positive eigenvalued (0,1)-matrices were in one-to-one correspondence with labeled acyclic digraphs on n nodes, and this was subsequently proved by McKay et al. (2003, 2004). Counts of both are therefore given by the beautiful recurrence equation

 a_n=sum_(k=1)^n(-1)^(k-1)(n; k)2^(k(n-k))a_(n-k)

with a_0=1 (Harary and Palmer 1973, p. 19; Robinson 1973, pp. 239-273).

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Positive Eigenvalued Matrix

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