Nonaveraging Sequence

A sequence of positive integers


is a nonaveraging sequence if it contains no three terms which are in an arithmetic progression, i.e., terms such that


for distinct a_i, a_j, a_k. The empty set and sets of length one are therefore trivially nonaveraging.

Consider all possible subsets on the integers S_n={1,2,...,n}. There is one nonaveraging sequence on S_0 (emptyset), two on S_1 (emptyset and {1}), four on S_2, and so on. For example, 13 of the 16 subjects of S_4 are nonaveraging, with {1,2,3}, {2,3,4}, and {1,2,3,4} excluded. The numbers of nonaveraging subsets on S_0, S_1, ... are 1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 23, 40, ... (OEIS A051013).

Wróblewski (1984) showed that for infinite nonaveraging sequences,

 S(A)=sup_(all nonaveraging; sequences)sum_(k=1)^infty1/(a_k)>3.00849.

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A-Sequence, Nondividing Set

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Nonaveraging Sequence

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