Nested Logarithm


In number theory (e.g., Ivić 2003), the symbol log_kx is commonly used to mean the nested logarithm (also called the repeated logarithm or iterated logarithm) ln...ln_()_(k)x, where lnx is the natural logarithm.

Care must be taken based on context as to when the notation log_kx denotes the logarithm to base k and when it means the k-nested natural logarithm.


The plots above show lnz, lnlnz, and lnlnlnz in the complex plane.

The penchant for formulas and bounds containing a profusion of nested logarithms has led to the following joke. What sound does a drowning analytic number theorist make? A: log log log log... (Havil 2003, p. 115).

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Nested Logarithm

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