Maximum Independent Vertex Set

An independent vertex set of a graph G is a subset of the vertices such that no two vertices in the subset represent an edge of G. Given a vertex cover of a graph, all vertices not in the cover define a independent vertex set (Skiena 1990, p. 218). A maximum independent vertex set is an independent vertex set containing the largest possible number of vertices for a given graph.

A maximum independent vertex set is not equivalent to a maximal independent vertex set, which is simply an independent vertex set that cannot be extended to a larger independent vertex set. Every maximum independent vertex set is also an independent vertex set, but the converse is not true.

The independence number of a graph is the cardinality of the maximum independent set.

Maximum independent vertex sets correspond to the complements of minimum vertex covers.


A maximum independent vertex set in a given graph g can be found in the Wolfram Language using FindIndependentVertexSet[g][[1]]. The command Sort[FindIndependentVertexSet[g, Length /@ FindIndependentVertexSet[g], All]] will find all maximum independent vertex sets.

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