Maverick Graph

Let rho=1.32471... (OEIS A060006) be the plastic constant and define


(OEIS A372244). Then a maverick graph is a connected graph with smallest graph eigenvalue lambda_(min) satisfying -lambda^*<lambda_(min)<-2 that is not an augmented path extension of any rooted graph (Acharya and Jiang 2024).


There are a total of 4752 of maverick graphs, and the numbers of such graphs on n=9, ..., 19 vertices are 13, 629, 1304, 1237, 775, 408, 221, 107, 42, 13, 3 (OEIS A372243; Acharya and Jiang 2024). The 13 maverick graphs on 9 vertices are illustrated above. The 629 maverick graphs on 10 nodes include the (5,5)-tadpole graph, 9-pan graph, and (3,5,3)-kayak paddle graph.

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Acharya, H. and Jiang, Z. "Beyond the Classification Theorem of Cameron, Goethals, Seidel, and Shult." 19 Apr 2024., N. J. A. Sequence A060006, A372243, and A372244 in "The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences."

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