Lyapunov Function

A Lyapunov function is a scalar function V(y) defined on a region D that is continuous, positive definite, V(y)>0 for all y!=0), and has continuous first-order partial derivatives at every point of D. The derivative of V with respect to the system y^'=f(y), written as V^*(y) is defined as the dot product

 V^*(y)=del V(y)·f(y).

The existence of a Lyapunov function for which V^*(y)<=0 on some region D containing the origin, guarantees the stability of the zero solution of y^'=f(y), while the existence of a Lyapunov function for which V^*(y) is negative definite on some region D containing the origin guarantees the asymptotical stability of the zero solution of y^'=f(y).

For example, given the system


and the Lyapunov function V(y,z)=(y^2+z^2)/2, we obtain


which is nonincreasing on every region containing the origin, and thus the zero solution is stable.

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Linear Stability, Nonlinear Stability

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Lyapunov Function

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