Logarithmically Concave Sequence

A finite sequence of real numbers {a_k}_(k=1)^n is said to be logarithmically concave (or log-concave) if


holds for every a_i with 1<=i<=n-1.

A logarithmically concave sequence of positive numbers is also unimodal.

If {a_i} and {b_i} are two positive log-concave sequences of the same length, then {a_ib_i} is also log-concave. In addition, if the polynomial sum_(i=0)^(n)p_ix^i has all its zeros real, then the sequence {p_i/(n; i)} is log-concave (Levit and Mandrescu 2005).

An example of a logarithmically concave sequence is the sequence of binomial coefficients (n; k) for fixed n and 0<=k<=n.

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Logarithmically Concave Sequence

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