Large Prime

The largest known prime numbers are Mersenne primes, the largest of these known as of September 2013 bing 2^(57885161)-1, which has a whopping 17425170 decimal digits.

As of Sep. 2013, the largest known probable primes are the Wagstaff primes (2^(13347311)+1)/3 and (2^(13372531)+1)/3, both found by R. Propper in Sep. 2013 and which have 4017941 and 4025533 decimal digits, respectively. Other large known probable primes are the "dual Sierpinski numbers" k+2^n (Moore 2009) given by 2^(9092392)+40291 and 2^(5146295)+41693, which have 2737083 and 1549190 decimal digits, respectively.

A prime with at least 1000 decimal digits is (or used to be) known as a titanic prime.

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Gigantic Prime, Large Number, Mersenne Prime, Probable Prime, Sierpiński Number of the Second Kind, Titanic Prime, Wagstaff Prime

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